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Have a look through the photos and if you find one you would like to have on canvas, email us the code and the size you would like

II01 Flowering Rose

A3 canvas                      $100.00 + postage

A2 canvas                      $125.00 + postage

II02 Outback Beauty
II03 A Fathers Love
II04 Waxeye
II05 Rose Stem
II06 Peacock Feather
II07 Mystery Woman
II09 Blue Gold
II10 Soft Harbour
II11 Daniels Bridge
II12 Tui on Kowhai
II13 Harvesting No More
II14 Tones of Twilight
II15 Handy with Words
II16 New Monarch
II17 Purple Lady
II18 Wordy Lady
II19 Want a cuddle
II20 Calm Reflection
II21 Tranquility
II22 Left Home
II23 Serenity
II24 Ray of Beauty
II25 Sun Worshipper
II26 Walking on Water
II27 Oasis in Otaki
II28 Poppy
II29 Lindis Pass
II30 Rural Simplicity
II31 Colour Pop
II32 The Forge
II33 The Vineyard
II34 Dancers
II35 Flags

What an amazing photographer who added to our day and has given us so many wonderful memories, big shout our to your Mum as well Helen, she was very cool to spend time with us.

we were absolutely thrilled with all of your photography for our wedding

Those photos are absolutely brilliant and the team looked very relaxed and natural. Well done! Thanks so much.

Great pics Helen, really pleased with them.

Thank you so much for the lovely photos you took of Zoe and our family.  We appreciate that you made the time for it and really enjoyed spending the morning with you.

I LOVE your photos of one of my most special days, I've had loads of great comments about them.

THANKU, they’re STUNNING.  You worked well with us and got what I was trying to convey, that was the best part.

Thanks so much Helen! We will treasure these photos of our girls for years and years.

You're our favourite person at the moment, we can finally see the wedding in the same detail as everyone else, we have no idea how you managed to put your list of favourites together, since we are loving them all! It's just great, especially being able to see the differences in the lighting and angles of essentially the same shot

Photos are wonderful. We both do so appreciate what you did for us....such a long day and hrs after.
Really happy with them. Thanks so much Helen.

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