Congratulations Marg

Marg and I have just returned from a trip down south that included attending the PSNZ National Convention in Dunedin where Marg was presented with her certificate for the Associateship of the Photographic Society of New Zealand allowing her to use the letters APSNZ after her name.  This is an amazing achievement that not many photographers get too so we are very proud.  This is PSNZ Patron, John Boyd Hon FPSNZ, Hon PSNZ, APSNZ presenting her with the award.

The lighting is not great for photographing the portfolios so that you can really appreciate them, but please click on the link below to view them a bit better.  They were printed to look like glass and presented beautifully.  Marg spent 3 months working on the statement to go with the images that you can view on her portfolio page also.

This is the full group of Associates including our good friend Toya Heatley, APSNZ standing next to Marg.

click here to view Marg’s portfolio and statement


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  1. Congratulations Marg on a well deserved Associatship. I am sure it won’t be long before you are back up there for your Fellowship!

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