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How it all began

The family passion begun with Marg, who was the main family photographer and recorder of treasured memories.  First born Helen showed an early interest from the age of 11-12 and then studied it in her final year at school.  There was no teacher but a well equipped darkroom, so learnt the craft from night classes and photography magazines. Middle son Paul also studied it in his final year and has recently taken it up again. Assisted by Paul, the youngest son Ian made a dark room in the laundry while also studying it in his final year at school and made it a profession.  He started off shooting fashion and school balls before now specialising in band photography.

Helen Westerbeke FPSNZ

After a 20 odd year hiatus, Helen picked up a camera again in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.    Helen loves to shoot all genres of photography, and with her outgoing personality is a natural with putting people at ease for wedding and family portraits and loves to photograph babies and animals especially.  Helen has won awards in her local camera club, local competitions, and has achieved a Fellowship with the Photographic Society of New Zealand, its highest distinction with only around 100 fellows in Zealand.

Marg Jorgensen APSNZ

Matriarch of the family, Marg showed an early interest in the craft, winning a prize for a photo of her father in her first camera club.    Marg enjoys photographing nature and creating works of art for people to enjoy on their walls.  When needed, Marg will join Helen as second shooter for weddings. Marg has won awards at her local camera club, local competitions and has achieved an Associateship with the Photographic Society of New Zealand.

Those photos are absolutely brilliant and the team looked very relaxed and natural. Well done! Thanks so much.

Great pics Helen, really pleased with them.

Thank you so much for the lovely photos you took of Zoe and our family.  We appreciate that you made the time for it and really enjoyed spending the morning with you.

I LOVE your photos of one of my most special days, I've had loads of great comments about them.

THANKU, they’re STUNNING.  You worked well with us and got what I was trying to convey, that was the best part.

Thanks so much Helen! We will treasure these photos of our girls for years and years.

You're our favourite person at the moment, we can finally see the wedding in the same detail as everyone else, we have no idea how you managed to put your list of favourites together, since we are loving them all! It's just great, especially being able to see the differences in the lighting and angles of essentially the same shot

Photos are wonderful. We both do so appreciate what you did for us....such a long day and hrs after.
Really happy with them. Thanks so much Helen.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos. You did an amazing job and I really love them.

Thank you for the photos! We came back from the trip and viewed all the pictures last night, they are amazing. We love them and parents love them too. Kids look so cute and group photos are fantastic too!

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